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Welcome! This is my home-away-from home, or my second homepage aside from my main hub hosted on Neocities! I adore all that I've worked to cultivate there over the past two years, but I really wanted to have a somewhat blank slate to play with, now that I'm in a more minimalist mindset lately.

This site will likely be focused more on design, PHP backend experiments, shrines, and self-insert. Granted, I have some self-insert information and shrines on my main page already, but I would like to give it more of the attention that it deserves since it is such a big part of my life and such a source of joy for me! ♡

This section of my site is still in its infancy, but feel free to check back periodically and see what I've done with the place. ^_^

✧ Updates ✧

.: 10.07.23: I sure love to not update this page, huh. Going to tidy up the collective area a bit.
.: 07.09.23: Added about page.
.: 05.07.23: Doing some housekeeping on the menus and homepage.